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Jurisdictions with low maintenance costs

Low Maintenance Cost Territories are jurisdictions with particularly favorable tax systems where the annual maintenance costs of the company are lower. An effective tax planning strategy often revolves around these jurisdictions, as low taxes and maintenance costs are among the most effective and straightforward cost-cutting tools for any business.
Company maintenance
In general, company maintenance includes any operations that ensure a business is active in its day-to-day endeavours. In addition, many favourable tax jurisdictions require every international company to undergo a company renewal procedure on an annual basis, by submitting a renewal application and paying a certain fee to the state. In terms of tax planning, company maintenance is normally understood as referring to the expenses associated with paying taxes, state fees, stamp duties, charges and any other costs that may arise from operating a company. These include, but are not limited to:

Import/export duties
License fees
Office rental
Stamp duties
Annual renewal fee
Notary fees
State fees
Maintenance usually does not include any expenses directly related to business transactions, such as the cost of raw materials to be used in production or the purchase of goods for resale.

Depending on the jurisdiction, company maintenance can either be the biggest source of expenses (especially due to taxes and renewal fees) or a barely noticeable cost of conducting a profitable business. This is the main reason why jurisdictions with low maintenance costs are so popular with companies seeking to optimise their taxes.