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Advantages SEO

Although the main goal of SEO is to make business websites discoverable faster when a potential customer searches for specific keywords (i.e. higher up in the list of search engine results), it also has other, more specific benefits for businesses.

One of the key additional benefits is that SEO is more cost effective than any other type of internet marketing. SEO strategies grow from the initial time and energy invested in them to passively functioning later; In other words, in the beginning, a company works on SEO, and later on, SEO works for the company, which requires far less maintenance than other internet marketing tools.

SEO also influences other media channels of companies, such as B. Social media profiles (and impacts how search engines "see" them), and this impact is likely to increase in the future. Because the increasingly sophisticated algorithms of search engines no longer perceive company websites as just websites, but as part of a larger network of media belonging to the respective company. This means that a lack of SEO also damages a company's position in relation to other platforms, and good SEO strengthens it.