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Keep on dancing!

Hello Dancers!

Well, as we come to the end of summer, we look forward to dancing the fall

and winter away. We have some changes to the calendar to note in particular.

In the Connecticut River Valley, the Paradise dance studios are back on the

calendar in Easthampton. Welcome back.

The Albany area September schedule will depart from normal. The second and

fourth Sunday dances are swapped. The Community Ballroom dances at the

Polish Community Center are back, but, in September only, the dance is on

the second Sunday - the 8th (Hey, that's today!) instead of on the fourth

Sunday. Art and Maxine's dance will be on the fourth Sunday instead of

today. Art and Maxime will also have a fifth Sunday dance in

September. The USABDA annual Black Tie Dinner dance will be on Saturday

the 28th, so Eileen Spadaro will not hold her dance that day.

Esther and Irving tell me they are planning to resume the Pittsfield dances

in October. We'll have the schedule on the calendar as soon as it becomes


Lena and I just spent some vacation time in Canada, and we went dancing in

Montreal at Do Re Mi. This is the same place that the USABDA trip went

last May. It was great fun. I have added a link on our links page that

list some of the places to dance in Montreal. We're looking forward to

making the trip with USABDA again over the Columbus Day weekend.

Thank you for your support and interest in keeping ballroom dancing

available in our area, and perhaps we'll see you on the dance floor.

Keep on dancing!

Ralph & Lena.

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My favorite dances are Jazz most defenatly, tap,and lyrical ballet. I live at my studio practly but still enjoy it.

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My favorite dances are rumba and tango.

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Hi Tania

I live in Waltham MA, just west of Boston, my birthplace was originally Pittsburgh PA.

I dance on a purely recreational basis, I just don't have the time or actual desire to go the competitive route (though I do enjoy watching it!)but I am no less passionate.

I'm glad you visited my site, come back any time!!!

What are your favorite dances?

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Dear Phil!

I looked at your web site.

I like your passion about dancing.

May I ask you where are you from, where do you live?

With best regards,


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This is a Hustle move I've always loved, takes a bit of practice but it looks so cool:

Two Hand Continuous Turn (or Touch and Go):

On the "touch and go" the leader holds the girl's right hand with his right and the girls' left with his left. Right hands are placed over left hands.This is the initial position. After that, the leader turns the girl clockwise by lifting both hands. When girl has turned half way, the left hand is released to allow her to go all the way around. When girl has turned a full 360, the left hands touch momentarily as though to give her momentum for the next turn. Thus "touch and go". On the last turn the left hands reconnect at the end. Final position -> left hands over right hands.

Anyone else havea favorite move you'd like to share?