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Re: Re: Good dance schools in Montreal area

I just talked with mr yazawa who says tht there are classes

in japan starting from lower end 6 to 5, 4,3,2,1 and then from there upwards d, c, b, a

So a is the highest and unless the dancer is the finalist or semi finalist or the champion, he or she cannot be ranked A.

So even B is quite high i think.


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Hi Georgina!

I would like to find out more about Dancesport in Tokyo, as I am going there soon.

Please, email me about that. I am from Vancouver, so I know situation here, for your view some web sites below:

If you are looking for dance partner in Canada upon your return, it may good idea to see in advance in which city may be best partner for you, you can post ad on this forum as well. I will wait for your reply and would be happy to discuss this issue more.

Sincerely, Tatiana.

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I am looking for information regarding good dance schools throughout Monreal. I am looking to continue Latin American dancing(as an amateur competitor) and would like to know of some reputable schools and even coaches. Also, what is the level of dancing like in Montreal? Does it have a good dance community or is Toronto or Vancouver better? I am currently living in Tokyo and the level here is quite high and there are numerous dance organizations and competitions plus many of the top world dancers come to these competitions. This makes it quite an excellent scene dancewise. What can you tell me about the Dancesport scene in Montreal(and even throughout Canada)??? I am from Saskatchewan and have spend the past five years in TOkyo. I am looking to return to Canada in the near future and relocate to a city that has a very active community. Any info that you have would be GREATLY appreciated.

Warm regards,