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US Ballroom Dance Events & Competitions

For the best Ballroom Dance Events & Competitions in the U.S., visit:

Or, simply email us by reply for more details*

All of the dance events offer a variety of packages: weekend, one day or session-only tickets are available. We are a "non-political" company and participants are not required to be a member of any organization or body to attend. Juniors (under 16) receive FREE entry to all of our events.

With over 92 major dance events offered every year in the U.S., we know that you have a choice... and we want to be that choice.

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Disco Step-by-Step Newsletter

Spring 2003

Welcome to the Spring 2003 edition of the Disco Step-by-Step Newsletter.

We have redesigned our website somewhat and added a lot of new information. In this issue we would like to give you an overview of the various sections we now offer to our visitors.

The sections listed below have hyperlinks for your convenience . If your email program does not allow for this action please go to and start from there.

We would like to make a personal appeal to all of you to help support former Disco Step-by-Step dancer, Helena Paolini. She has gone downhill quickly since our 25th Year reunion party and right now needs as much financial help as we can give her. Please check out the information we have on our website for her and also make it a point to read the heartrending email letter we received from her son, Bobby.

We do hope to see you July 18, 2003 in Buffalo, New York for our exciting annual reunion party. Please see details on the website for more information. This year it is being held in the infamous Chippewa section of downtown Buffalo at the Crocodile Bar.