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New Salsa Dance Class and Salsa Dance in Baltimore:

As many of you know Redwood Trust just ended a very successful Salsa

event in Baltimore on Wednesday nights last month. The Trust was grand,

and had enough dance floor to accommodate the kind of crowds that want

to do salsa in this town. Like many other dancers in the area, we

looked around for alternatives that offered the low price and floor size

we found at Redwood Trust. I believe that we have found our answer at

Merritt Athletic club in Baltimore, which is a few blocks north of

Redwood trust. The main Ballroom at Merrit has a larger wood floor than

any dance club in the area, because like all such sports clubs – they

have aerobics programs. This club even has a restaurant and lounge and

far more parking than was available at Redwood.

We will start our program with a basics of Salsa Class which is open to

the public this next Wednesday the 16th of April (Details below). Near

the end of April we will start a DJ’ede dance that follows the class

which runs till 11 PM. Although our class is for beginners, I expect to

be teaching things not found in the typical salsa classes offerd

locally. Our emphasis is on technical skills, turns and tricks more

than shines which are offered every where else. It is our intention to

teach the “on one” salsa basics, plus a few things not found in the

generic salsa classes – because our roots are more tied to competition,

hustle, swing and ballroom. Salsa experts will find many things that

they can steal from the other dance styles, and beginners will find it

easier to learn in a way that opens up the door to many other useful



New Salsa Class Starts in Baltimore Wednesday April 16, 2003


This will be beginning salsa “On One” taken from scratch. Any

experienced dancers will appreciate the new Salsa turn patterns taken

from Mambo and Hustle styles we’ll cover weekly. Expect to learn a few

tricks and turns each week. All partners will rotate, so singles are

welcome. Wear leather shoes you can turn in.

Place – Merritt Athletic Clubs Downtown 210 Center street Baltimore

Maryland 21202

Phone – 410-332-0906


Price - $49 members, $69 non-members

Date – Wednesdays April 16 – June 4th

Time – 8:30 – 9:30 PM

Expect to go out dancing after class to practice what you learned!

************************** Join Us ********************************

For more information or to join our mailing list, email

mailto: or see our website at

Or join or the swingandhustle egroup:

Our egroup -

Our Website -

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Replying to:

Dancing On Air

April 2003



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Welcome all!

It's spring! Are you feeling energetic? Spring always invigorates

me; I want to start new projects and think about new ideas.

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to hear from you. Give me a shout at

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2. Pull My Finger

(c) Dan Messenger, 2001

What a week! The wife went to visit family in Minnesota and I put

my son on a bus headed for camp. He and about 50 other teenagers

from the high school are headed for Virginia for a week of

camping, hiking, white water rafting and so on. With a few days

off, I decided to do some home improvement projects (minor ones).

This is my favorite way to relax and ponder. Although I do not

consider myself an "Internet junkie", I will try at least once a

week, to get online and see what ballroom dancers are talking

about. I came across a subject on a Dancescape discussion board

on "Sweaty Partners - Etiquette and Hygiene". What a hoot!

It was very interesting to read comments and suggestions from

dancers on how to handle a stinky partner. Everything was

discussed, from overly sweaty partners, stinky shoes, and farting

during practice! We all can relate to the experience of dancing

with someone who is wearing too much cologne or maybe, not

enough! But, do we really think that we have never offended

somebody? Of course not, because the one who is being offensive

isn't aware that they are. I would find it hard to believe that

anybody would say to themselves, "you know, I think I'll skip the

deodorant and breath mints just to torture my partner"! These

"episodes" a part of any sport but there are some things we can

do to keep things to a minimum. Here's a couple of suggestions:

If your partner has smelly pits: This is really the pits if your

partner is a female and she is wearing a sleeveless blouse!

Uggghhhhhh. Where does she think I am suppose to put my wrist

when in dance position? It's a bummer for the teacher who has to

teach the rest of the day with a stinky arm and no amount of

scrubbing seems to get rid of the odor. "Tanks and sleeveless

outfits are not permitted" would be an easy enough sign to post

in the studio. It can be just as frustrating for the women. Let's

face it. Men are probably not as concerned about their body odor

as women are. Soooo what should the lady do when she notices her

partner has been wearing the same practice shirt for the last

year on a daily basis? Ladies, please be gentle. You know how

sensitive we are. By the same token, go ahead and hurt our

feelings! We will thank you in the long run...I think. You know

how they have vehicle emission tests? Maybe we could have a body

emission machine called "The Stinkymeter"! Every studio and dance

hall would have the stinkymeter, strategically located by the

edge of the floor. In order to step onto the floor, you must pass

the body emission test! Am I a genius or what? Ok, on to the next

one. I'm on a roll now.

Look! Out on the dance floor. It's a bird, it's a plane, NO it's

the HUMAN SPRINKLER!: This is the dancer who starts off with a

glow and by the end of the first dance you want to take them home

to water your lawn. Their hair is so wet with sweat that your

only concern is how to tell in advance if they are going to spin

so you can time your ducking! This is always fun when standing on

the edge of the floor judging! This is one problem that we have

to empathize with, however, because there is actually very little

one can do about it, especially if they are competing. So, unless

terry cloth turbans become a trendy thing to wear, we will be

forgiving. During practice however, you can bring a towel along

to wipe down with and a spare shirt to change in mid practice.

There are actually two positive aspects of this problem. You can

get really cool pictures of yourself looking like a dancesport

gladiator, and let's face it, sweating is HEALTHY!

If the shoe fits!: I do have a suggestion for this one. Several

weeks ago I was teaching at a local studio. Before I got there I

put my keys, my gum, (which I always have), and my cologne into

my shoe bag. I started teaching at 10 AM and got my first break

at 5 PM. Whew! Seven hours in a row. My dogs were barking and I

couldn't wait to take my shoes off. In the process of removing my

shoes I was having a bit of a struggle with the right one. I

pulled and tugged and finally was able to remove the shoe.

Unfortunately, I took the shoe pad out with it as it was stuck to

my sock. Somehow, a stick of gum, wrapper and all, had landed in

my shoe and had been there since the beginning of my day! The

teacher and student just stared at me, not quite knowing what to

think. I looked at them and said, " What? You mean you don't put

chewing gum in your shoe? It keeps my shoes smelling like mint.

All the champions do this you know"! Ok, they didn't buy this and

to be honest, it had done nothing to help the sweaty odor of my

shoe. I just wanted to tell the story! Seriously though, a common

courtesy is to find a place in the ballroom where no one else is

sitting and change your shoes there. Use some foot powder and

replace your shoe pads every now and then. Or, try the gum! Haha.

Last, but not least: Whether you smelt it or dealt it, it's not

much fun for either partner! Although you can control it somewhat

by eating less before you practice or staying away from certain

foods, it can also be caused by nerves, which many dancers

experience during practice and performance. The person who has

the hardest time with this is the man. Why the man you ask?

Because "passing gas" is a part of man humor. We think it's

funny, so it's extremely hard sometimes to control the urge to

laugh and ask "who did it"? Women do not think it's funny. So, my

advice is, if your feeling a bit, shall we say, gassy, quickly

request a foxtrot or another moving dance so your not stuck in

one spot! Your toast, and so is your partner, if there's a rumba


So, there are my suggestions! Some serious, mostly silly. But, if

you can't find humor in some of the above, you picked the wrong

sport. This is a sport that requires touch and connection between

two people and all of the above are a natural part of the human

body. I do have one suggestion if you are too embarrassed to talk

to your partner about some of these issues: Give your partner a

care package......a dancer's survival kit. You could have all

kinds of items useful to a dancer nicely wrapped in a gift bag

such as: breath mints, Odor eaters, cologne, deodorant, a power

bar, a sports towel, and a personal card thanking them for being

a great partner!

I could go on and on but I'm a bit late as it is so, I'll sign

off. See you closer to the regularly scheduled time of

publication next week (Monday or Tuesday).

Dan Messenger


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This months' riddle:

** What gets bigger the more you take away from it? **

Take a guess, then scroll down for the answer link!



Ballroom dancing is as romantic as it is enjoyable. For years

the world's greatest romantics have known the best way to a

lady's heart is to sweep her across the dance floor. Holding,

touching and moving to the music is the most romantic skill any

couple can add to their lives. Think of all the countless number

of relationships that would have never started without the

world's best ice breaker -- "may I have this dance".

The romantic properties of dance are a secret that all good

dancers enjoy. For men, being able to recognize which dance the

band is playing and having the confidence in your ability to walk

across the floor and ask a lady to dance is a social

prerequisite. For ladies, they will always be in demand as a

partner once they master the grace and poise, the styling and the

all important following skills.

People will go to all extremes to make themselves attractive to

the opposite sex. Hours are spent in the gym and millions are

spent on cosmetics and stylish clothing just to gain a slight

advantage in the dating game. Unfortunately for these people,

they will always have to take a back seat to a good dancer. The

best way to be noticed, in a favorable light, is on the dance

floor. A couple of lessons at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio is

all you will need to turn your dancing and romantic life around.

Much of the recent excitement surrounding the romance of ballroom

dancing started when Michael Douglas told Annette Bening that he

danced so well because of six lessons at Arthur Murray in "An

American President." Ballroom dance has captured Hollywood's

imagination yet again in "Beautician and the Beast" with Fran

Drescher. These dance scenes do the same thing for actors and

their characters that dance does in real life. It provides a

chance for you to express your emotions towards your partner,

propelling your relationship into a more sensual mood, without

moving into an R rating!

Plus, dancing can help keep two people together. After years of

marriage, new excitement can be found together on the dance

floor. It's a "shot in the arm". It encourages the spark of

romance for stressed out, tension plagued people. It's great for

keeping a marriage interesting and long lasting. When surveyed,

more women said they would prefer a night of dancing to flowers

or chocolates for St. Valentine's Day!

(Courtesy of Arthur Murray Studios)



Hello. My name is Rhonda. This was my first issue of On A Whim

Ezine. I found out a lot of helpful information, but I really

enjoyed the links to those hilarious sites. You started my day

off on the right foot....Thank you and God Bless You.


Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for the "kudos"! I'm very pleased you enjoyed your first

issue - I love writing my ezines! and researching on the 'net and

all. If you have any suggestions or additions you'd like for

upcoming ezines please let me know.

Meantime, have a sunny day



Hi Heather!

Just wanted to let you know that you business was picked as our

Business of the month for March and will be on our home page

for the entire month of April! I wanted to pick one that I really

liked, and you were it!!


Very Best Wishes,

Bill Montgomery


To everyone reading my ezine(s): how about e-mailing me with your

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"You don't stop dancing from growing old, you grow old from

stopping to dance." --Unknown



This is a new section - we will be adding hints here each month -

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appreciated! - Heather


Don't dance for the onlookers' benefit. Concentrate on your


If you are tall, don't try to appear smaller by bending your

knees or slouching. This only spoils your posture.

If you are short, don't try to appear taller by dancing on your

toes. This only shortens your steps and makes it more difficult

to follow.



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"Women Are Always Right... on the Dance Floor!"

Ballroom dancing has scored new points with modern feminists

because women are always right...on the dance floor.

The first foot that a woman always steps with will be her right.

Keep this in mind when you are facing your dance partner. Women,

you will always start back with your right foot, while men, you

will lead forward with your left.



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1. To rest between Salsa's.

2. To practice your Salsa moves.

3. To remind you that the Saxophone is ALIVE and WELL!

4. To make you appreciate how much you Truly Love Salsa...

5. To give the DJ time to find more Salsa.

6. To go for a, am I thirsty!

7. Because you are not good enough for Salsa.

8. Because sometimes you must walk before you can run...

9. To let Gringos try something safe and easy for them (hey!)

10. Its closing time and the bar wants the customers to leave.

11. DJ threatened to turn back on the smoke machine/strobe


12. The DJ usually does techno raves and can't tell the


13. The DJ knows you hate Merengue and expects a bribe to play