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Re: Dancing with the Stars

I think she was very gracious too. That couldn't have been easy, and she handled it very well. She'll do great with Harry! I'll bet he's had some pvts from Lisa!!

Re: Re: Dancing with the Stars

Hi Katherine!

Below answers to your questions (more complete, than before):

What's the best way to ask a woman/man to dance?
Not to say anything at all and let the movement speak for itself.

How do you discover whether or not she/he can do any
moves? If she saw my dancing before and won't take my invitation it means she is not self secure. If she calmly joins me, she knows what she's doing.

Is a club the right atmosphere to teach a prospective
woman/man you're interested in, dance steps?
It certainly depends on the private intentions. If I want to get to know her more I will invite her to a private ballroom to feel freer. If it's a dance of the moment I will teach her right in the club. Learning steps in the middle of the street is also a good Idea. It's exciting and it draws audiences with applause.

What DON'T you say to a woman/man who wants you to
teach her some steps? It seems that you're not the right type for dancing. Don't worry, you're just born that way. It's not your fault! What DO you say? It's getting there. It's getting better every time. I
like your expression.

What if she/he has two left feet? Tell her to use her other left foot.

Is it better to fake it or be real, even if you don't
know what you're doing/are a novice? Always be real, but do everything in a self secure mood.

Does a pro like you ever ask a woman to dance just to
be suave and so you can then SHOW her how to dance?
Not really. I would prefer to dance with women who have a feeling for it. Showing someone how to dance can be destroying the party atmosphere sometimes. I would let her dance how she feels whoever she is.

Do pros ever dance with "regular folk"? when they are
out socializing? For sure. "Regular folk" has nnovative interpretations sometimes.

What's a common/biggest misconception of pro dancers
that you run into when you meet non dancers?
Sometimes they forget that these peole have a completely different view on the dancing. They do not understand the lifestyle that the dancers are having. Practising, sweating, arguing, spending big amount of money for someone to help them improve the dancing a bit. (I'm talking about ballroom now.)
Your advice for novices?
Before heppieness and freedom will come on a high level dance floor, you must feel it in your daily life as well.

I hope I helped you a bit with my answers. Can't wait to see the end result of your project. Thanks,