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CID Circular - August 2006

1. 20th World Congress - Visa
Nationals of most countries need a visa to enter the European Union. Dance professionals attending the Congress in Athens can ask us for information on how to apply. Registered Congress participants can contact their respective National UNESCO Commission for assistance.

2. 20th World Congress - Proposals
This is the last reminder for the submission of proposals: performances, classes, research reports, exhibition/sales, video dance, lectures. Deadline is 15 September 2006. Ask for specifications. Researchers not having the means to travel can register and send their research report to be included in the proceedings DVD, if approved.

3. Festival in Gibraltar
01-04 March 2007. Open to amateurs aged 4 to 25. Individuals/Groups/Schools/Academies from all countries are invited. Organizers cover accommodation and meals.

4. Director wanted, Switzerland
Ballet school with 400 students, founded in 1976, seeks director. Also a teacher for replacing a teacher for 3 months.

5. Financial aid to dancers, Canada
Grants for the creation, production and dissemination of works of dance. The operating activities of professional organizations, artists' travel and professional development, tours and festivals are also funded, as are a host of related events and initiatives.

6. Past CID Circulars
For opportunities announced previously you can visit the CID web site:
- The International Dance Council (CID) is the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.
- It is a non-profit non-governmental organization founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.
- It is a worldwide forum bringing together international, national and local organizations as well as select individuals active in dance.
- It represents the art of dance in general and advises the UNESCO, national and local government agencies, international organizations and institutions.

CID, UNESCO, Paris, France

CID President's Office
International Dance Council
Dora Stratou Dance Theater, Scholiou 8, Plaka, GR-10558 Athens, Greece
Tel. (30)210.324.4395 & 210.324.6188; Fax (30)210.324.6921