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CID Circular - November 2006

CID Circular - November 2006

1. Final report - 20th World Congress
It was by far the biggest gathering of dance specialists in History:
702 registered delegates from 64 countries of the 5 continents.

It was also the richest - the program included 328 presentations: 55 Research reports (papers)
76 Lectures
50 Classes
85 Performances
33 Video projections
29 Exhibitions

13 University professors from 7 countries served as members of the Scientific Committee.
21 CID members worked hard as volunteers within the Congress Team

The 21st Congress will take place in Athens 12-16 September 2007.

Full information is posted on Click on the Congress poster.

The final version of the DVD with the proceedings of the World Congress, including all presentations (texts, photos and video) will be ready in December. It will mailed free of charge to CID members upon request.

The 21st Congress will take place in Athens 12-16 September 2007.

2. Professor in Dance Ethnography, Canada
Scholar with a Doctor's degree in dance or a relevant discipline and research in dance ethnography, contemporary critical theory, movement practice other than ballet or modern. To teach also one of the following: global dance studies; cultural studies; dance science/somatic education; documentation and reconstruction; dance education; dance and technology; production/design for dance; dance dramaturgy; movement analysis; dance history. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply, all nationalities.

3. Professor of Dance, U.S.A.
Artist/scholar with a distinguished choreographic and/or writing portfolio whose scholarship is grounded in studio teaching and performance. Dance history, gender and sexuality studies, comparative histories and theories, Labanalysis, dance technology, and somatic theory.

4. Assistant Professor of Dance/Theatre, Hawaii, U.S.A. To teach courses in creative dance and creative drama for children, teaching dance/theatre; supervise internships in local dance/theatre settings. Ability to teach dance theory and criticism, modern dance technique, dance appreciation.

5. Assistant Professor, Modern Dance and Ballet, U.S.A. To teach modern dance, ballet, technology, video for dance, other dance forms, dance studies, dance science, somatic studies, dance education.

6. Head of the Department of Theatre and Dance, U.S.A.
Candidates must have a doctorate in theatre, technical theatre/design or dance. Send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, list of references, a statement of educational philosophy, leadership style and artistic vision.

7. CID General Assembly
Call for proposals to host the CID General Assembly, to take place in spring 2007.