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DanceSport on television - Dec 11 and Dec 18

DanceSport on television next two Monday nights

For those who missed the television presentation of the IDSF Latin World Championships on Bravo this past Monday, there will be two more DanceSport events on TV in the coming weeks.

Monday, December 11 at 7PM, Bravo will feature the IDSF World Ten Dance Championships. This is a one-hour program with interviews and insightful comments from the viewpoint of judges.

Monday, December 18 at 7PM, Bravo will feature the IDSF World Standard Championships. This one-hour program, like the others, features high production quality and excellent commentary.

The first broadcast, covering the IDSF World Latin Championships held recently in Karlsruhe, Germany, featured interviews with all the finalists as well as insightful comments by Bryan Watson and others. They also showed scrutineering results for each event, which is something we don't normally see on television. We expect that the other broadcasts should be of the same high standards.

You may also wish to send a note to Bravo to thank them for supporting DanceSport on television. Write to to let them know you appreciate the coverage. Television producers in North America have said that interest in televised DanceSport events can be unpredictable, making it difficult to get advertising support to pay for programs like these. Your letters, even short ones, can have quite an impact to encourage them to add more DanceSport to their schedule.