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Re. Disqualification and Revocation of Results of 2006 IDSF World Standard

We had informed the IDSF, before they published their press release titled Disqualification and Revocation of Results of 2006 IDSF World Standard, that we were appealing the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (“CAS”). The IDSF has chosen to take the decision of CAS as final and consequently decided to revoke the title. However the case is not yet over, so we cannot return medals and awards, as has been requested by the IDSF, since the legal courts to which we are appealing could yet cancel or reduce the length of the retrospective sanction, therefore preventing the IDSF from revoking the World Standard title that we won last year.

We have decided to appeal because the decision of the CAS, in our opinion, was not fair in all the circumstances of the case. Edita unknowingly consumed a prohibited substance that has been proved to be detrimental to performance in dancesport. The substance in question had contaminated a legal supplement she was taking. The CAS accepted that this was a case of unknowing contamination and yet did not see fit to interfere with the IDSF’s 3-month sanction, and that is why we are appealing the decision.

We never thought we would have to go to courts firstly in order to be allowed to participate in the World Championships and now in order to defend what we won fairly. But we decided to do so, because we believed that justice and common sense would prevail and we still hope it can.

We would like to thank all the people who have supported us, we really appreciate it - your support has helped us keep our spirits up during these trying times. We would also like everyone to know that a special fairness fund has been created in order to allow us to continue pursuing justice in this case. Please visit if you would like to get more information about it.

Finally we just want to say that we love dancing and it is something that has kept us strong and motivated during the past year. We wish all the best to everyone in the dancing world.