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Male ballroom dancer wanted, non-smoker, over 5'8"

Hi all. I'm a single 48 years old but told I look younger. Started ballroom in sept. 06 and am at the intermediate/advanced level already. I love it. Have competed in two small club competitions and have come in 1st & 2nd, and 2nd place. Would love to compete once again. If you are single, around my age and are as passionate about dancing as I am, please get in touch. I live in the Toronto area (Brampton, Ontario, Canada) and would appreciate someone close by. My goal would be to find a compatible dance partner who is also looking for a life partner. Shame a picture cannot be posted on this site. Write me and I'll send you one.

Re: Male ballroom dancer wanted, non-smoker, over 5'8"

Since one cannot edit a post, I'm adding a site that potential partners can check and view my picture.