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Francis is amazing dancer and a true champion, so pleasure to watch! His shows are breathtaking!!!

Francis Lafreniere & Claudia Primeau started dancing together in 2005 (January) as Amateur. Currently they are Professional and are registered as a couple in Canada. Between January 2005 and January 2007 they danced for Canada as Amateur.

So far their best mark in our database is getting into 1 in the Professional Rising Star Latin (Embassy Ball 2007 in USA - Irvine (CA) on 30 Aug 2007)
They joined together after Francis and Christine Thibault split in November 2004 (see profile) and Claudia and Christian Millette split in January 2005


Francis LaFreniere played part in the movie "Shall we dance" as a dancer with leading actors Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. Francis is from Québec, Canada
His result in World Dance Trophy Canada, Montreal,
September 29th, in Professional Latin - 3rd. He enjoyed great international success as Amateur and now doing great as a Pro. He's got my vote!!!! He is a great dancer!