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Fun and Games at Dance Charisma, Las Vegas, NV

Dear Folks,

We have so much going on, I need to get the word out to you about it.

First, THIS FRIDAY is our 15th ANNIVERSARY RED MASQUERADE! Tickets are $25.00 IN ADVANCE ONLY. We're going to have special events, promotions, performances, giveaways, prizes, and games. Attire is formal or semi-formal, and if you're so inclined, wear a mask (a la Mardi Gras). We'll finish up our Jack N Jill contest -- and remember, only 2 votes separate first and second place, so your vote counbts.

Second, for our party, on top of our bingo and upcoming roulette with a grand prize of 5 private lessons, we're having a SCAVENGER HUNT. The person who brings the most items from the list wins a special prize of private dance lessons. How many? Depends on what you find. The scarcer the item, the more rewards. We'll also offer spot prizes for items on the list. We'll be offering GOBS AND GOBS OF PRIZES AND LESSONS. Get your tickets now!


1. 8 track tape of the Bee Gees
2. A "pet rock"
3. Any soundtrack to any dance movie
4. A picture of yourself with a previous hairstyle
5. An original Nintendo controller
6. A Justin Timberlake CD
7. An original VHS tape of "The Karate Kid"
8. A movie ticket stub to any movie starring Harrison Ford
9. Anything showing what you did New Year's Eve 1999 (ticket stub, picture, greeting card, etc.)
10. A poodle skirt
11. Saddle Shoes
12. An original (large) cell phone
13. An "In A Gadda Da Vida" Album cover (not CD)
14. Any 45 record
15. Any 78 lp
16. A Tito Puente cassette tape
17. A Richard Simmons workout tape

Nancy Nies, Manager
Dance Charisma