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Choice London News

Hello to everybody at Danceway!

I wanted to clarify that Choice London has NOT been bought. We are very proud of our name, and it will never be "dropped". We are up and running, fully operational, and our website and online shop can still be found at!

We appointed DSI as our agent in the UK, meaning that all UK orders will be handled through them. All international orders will be handled by our parent company and No1 manufacturer Ernessa Austria. This should make our services better and more efficent for everyone. As Choice London articles such as fabrics, laces, etc will continue to be manufactured in Austria by Ernessa, the quality will remain the same. Our fantastic Chic is still responsible for all Choice orders (at the DSI offices) and will continue doing a great job! If you have any problems please contact me directly at I also wanted to thank all of our loyal customers, our co-workers, and partners.

Best whishes and good luck to all of you!

Dominik Erne