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Dancing with the stars

I think their should be a dance show that pays homage to the dancer for their skill and devotion not their unskilled partner with celebrity (insert unrelated profession here) status. Or maybe I'm just being fickle whatever

Re: Dancing with the stars

I can totally understand where you're coming from. There IS a new show out there called Your Mama Don't Dance and aspiring dancers have to dance with their parents....could be something different and interesting.

Re: Re: Dancing with the stars

That show keeps popping up all over the place...maybe that means i'm supposed to watch it...found out it's on lifetime tonight at 9...anyone else gonna be watching?

How She Move: Not Another Dance Movie

Latest step / dance movie milks the same old same old.
After Drumline, You Got Served, Stomp The Yard, Save the Last Dance 1 and 2, Honey, Step Up, and Step Up 2 the Streets, did we really need another teen step/dance movie to add to the collection? After viewing 2008’s How She Move, the answer is definitely -- no. Directed by Ian Iqbal Rashid, How She Move debuted new actress Rutina Wesley as Raya Green, the heroine in this token coming-of-age tale set in Toronto, Canada. Written by AnnaMarie Morais, How She Move dryly chronicles the tale of a young Jamaican immigrant on the path to finding herself, and getting out of a bad neighborhood.

“Funny thing, the way one moment changes a million after it,” Raya says, reflecting on her adventures in the movie's epitomizing statement. The plot includes all the typical elements of a step dance movie: there's the token tragic event, followed by a big change or move, and the introduction of a love interest, who subsequently either introduces or encourages dancing/stepping. The newfound love for dancing/stepping usually leads to battle with someone who does not agree with their passion, then a need for money comes up, the rivals are introduced, the big competition (aka climax) becomes the elixir for all the character’s problems, followed by a win, self realization, and hook-up.

That formula's worked for at least six movies before it, and it might have flown with How She Move, too, if the acting wasn’t so bad, if the fake accents weren’t distracting, if everyone didn’t seem rhythmically challenged. A press release claimed the actors were sent to a step boot camp to prepare with known choreographer Hi-Hat, but I didn't believe it. Still questioning how a dance movie can be made when everyone looks like they had a hard time picking up the chorography.

Quite frankly, How She Move, which features essentially all new actors, needs the face and name of at least one known actor with experience, if only for inspiration to do a better job. If it weren’t for the exceptionally good soundtrack, which features music from Missy Elliott, Vybz Kartel, and Busta Rhymes, this film would have had even more people sleeping at the screening I attended. For those of us who did stay awake, at least we were happy that the movie conveyed a positive life message: having a sense of self. Unfortunately, How She Move seems like a parody or spoof that could've easily been called Not Another Dance Movie. This flick hit the big screen on Friday, January 18, and I am still trying to figure out how it skipped the straight-to-DVD lineup.

Re: Dancing with the stars and Your Mama Can’t Dance

RE: Your Mama Can’t Dance

I would love to dance with my mama in such competition, some guys were totally shocked by it on the show, and it was not acting, it was real.

Re: Dancing with the stars

This show is pretty much awesome! I thought it was going to be a sketch type show but it is actually a competition. I voted...did anyone else?