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So here is a rough sketch of my new dress that went missing in Baltimore at the USADance Nationals on Sunday April 6... The dress was so new that there weren't even any photos of it yet.

I got it from a dress maker who I just started into a sponsorship with... Tatiana Knoll of Elle Dance. She is VERY VERY NICE. And unfortunately this is my first dealing with her... and I have to tell her the dress is gone!

I literally had the dress on for 5 minutes. And then they put it in a bag for me. From the vendor area I went into the Water Table Lounge to have a late lunch with some students. From that table I scooted over to the bar to whoop it up with a few friends for a few hours.

By the time I left the bar a little later I headed back to my room to drop off the dress. Upon looking in the bag sitting on my bed I realizing that the bag no longer contained the dress. So at some point in time while I was in the lounge, the dress "fell out" of the bag and walked off. Perhaps when I left the bag with my friends in the bar while I ran to the bathroom, perhaps while I was distracted with my friends, perhaps when I set the bag down in the hall to speak with a student.

It is made from gold hologram lycra with lycra fringe. The point in the front is shorter and the point in the back is a little longer. There are red stones and gold stones, as you can see. It fits a 0-6. So it would be worn on a smaller girl.

I don't even care how or why the dress disappeared. I simply care that it is recovered.

So PLEASE if you see this dress or know of it where abouts I would GREATLY appreciate any info or help. I am even OFFERING A GENEROUS REWARD! There is a POLICE REPORT that has been filed but I guarantee that if it is returned I would simply hand over the REWARD ... NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

If you could forward this post with picture to anyone and everyone you could think of that might see the dress (amateur, pro, usadance, fads, ami, ndca…) I would be immeasurably grateful!!!

Larinda McRaven