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Ballroom dresses for sale (US$300~)

2 ballroom dresses available for sale. Both can give excellent movements on the floor and I used them for competitions before. If u are interested and price is okay to u, I can send to you detail photos by email. Contact me anytime (

size: UK4-6
tall, without heel: 163-168cm
body: 88-85cm x 63-68cm x 84-90cm

1. Orange color US$300 (free shipping)

Three layers of chiffon (orange), One layer of orange Satin, Orange satin to surround the dress bottom, two orange floating from shoulder and cover whole hand, open back, with body build-in, with Swarovski crystal necklace, 20gross Swarovski SS20.

2. Blue cover with black flower gauze $400 (free shipping)

Whole dress is covered by black flower gauze including body, arm and neck, elegent design. Two layers of chiffon (green & blue) at the bottom, two blue floatings from wrist to arm and then extend to back, swarovski stoned neck gauze, open back, with body build-in, 20grosss Swarovski SS16 and with some bigger crystals.