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Want to dance in the Eugene Celebration?


This is Josh Remis writing. I run and am writing all the people who have signed up on the site over the last few years to see if you are interested in dancing casino rueda with a group of us in the EugeneCelebration. (If you don't know what casino rueda is, watch this video).

Local dancer Dave Mahoney and I will lead a cuban-style salsa group through practicing and then performing in the parade, which occurs Saturday morning, September 13th. Practice starts on July 13th, so if you're interested, please email me soon. See for more information. It's going to be a lot of fun!

We are looking for dancers who are:

* Enthusiastic about dancing rueda (you don't have to have casino rueda experience, but need a certain level of dancing ability..see next item..)
* At least beginner-intermediate level salsa dancer (able to dance/lead/follow on the rhythm, do a cross body lead, etc)
* In shape enough to dance the full route of the parade
* Able to commit to attending practices (tentatively Sundays @ 6:30pm, starting July 13th. This will change to a week day evening starting in mid-august)
* Willing to chip in $ to cover costs of dancing in the parade (won't be much.. mostly to buy yourself the outfit, as we'll be color coordianted).

Again, please refer to the web site for more info.