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Televised DanceSport

CN8 Champion DanceSport brings you a new and expanded season of America's best competitive ballroom dancing that you won't find anywhere else. This summer we take you across our region in this 6-part series to showcase three of the nation's most prestigious championships. Athletes from coast to coast come East to this hotbed for DanceSport enthusiasts. From Standard to Latin to American Rhythm and Smooth, CN8 has it all for you with our hosts, Dancing With The Stars veteran Ashly Costa and internationally recognized judge and coach, Dan Calloway. So, whether you're an active competitor or just love to get caught up in the elegance and flare of watching the best this sport has to offer, join us each week for 90-minutes of fun, excitement, and expert analysis.

The North American DanceSport Championships from Cherry Hill, NJ
The best professional couples from Canada and the United States compete for the North American Championship title in International Latin, International Standard, and American Rhythm and Smooth. This is one of the top stops on the competitive dance calendar for professionals as the two nations face-off on the dance floor.

The North American DanceSport Championships -
Show 3 Premiere 10pm Sat., Aug 16
Show 3 Encore 6pm Sat., Aug 23
Show 4 Premiere 10pm Sat., Aug 23
Show 4 Encore 7pm Sat., Aug 30