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German Open Championships 2008

German Open Championships 2008

** All medals go to Italy ***

The final of the Professional World Series Standard was represented by the best couples in the world. As expected, Mirko Gozzoli/Alessia Betti clearly won the competition. They achieved 54 best marks.
Domenico Soale/Gioia Cerasoli became second followed by Michele Bonsignori/Monica Baldasseroni, who danced their last competition.

1. Mirko Gozzoli/Alessia Betti, Italy
2. Domenico Soale/Gioia Cerasoli, Italy
3. Michele Bonsignori/Monica Baldasseroni, Italy
4. Sascha Karabey/Natascha Karabey, Germany
5. Evgeny Kazmirchuk/Yulia Spesivtseva, Russia
6. Ruslan Golovashchenko/Olga Golovashchenko, Ukraine
7. Urs Geisenhainer/Agnes Kazmierczak, USA

*** Russia dominates Youth Latin ***

All in all, 205 couples started in the tournament Youth Latin. At the end three Russian couples stood on the podium. Yury Simachev/Angelina Sibaeva won three dances and so the competition. Their fellow
countrymen Nikita Brovko/Alina Zharullina gained the silver medal. Bronze went to Andrey Gusev/Elizaveta Cherevichanaya.

1. Yury Simachev/Angelina Sibaeva, Russia
2. Nikita Brovko/Alina Zharullina, Russia
3. Andrey Gusev/Elizaveta Cherevichanaya, Russia
4. Umberto Gaudino/Louise Heise, Italy
5. Anton Skuratov/Alona Uehlin, Germany
6. Anton Azanov/Ekaterina Isakovich, Russia

*** Germany versus Italy ***

130 couples danced since the early morning in the competition of the Senior III Standard. The final consisted of couples coming from Italy and Germany. Finally, the German couple Hans Arnold and Heidi Büscher surprisingly won. The Italian couples Maurizio Carugati/Mariagrazia Giovenco and Alfredo Anselmi/Anna Maria Pietrobelli ranked in second and third place.

1. Hans Arnold Büscher/Heidi Büscher, Germany
2. Maurizio Carugati/Mariagrazia Giovenco, Italy
3. Alfredo Anselmi/Anna Maria Pietrobelli, Italy
4. Christian Böhm/Elisabeth Striegan-Böhm, Germany
5. Roberto Straccini/Marisa Peppoloni, Italy
6. Gerd Lang/Brigitte Lang, Germany

*** Gold medal goes to Russia ***

The acting world champions of the Juniors II 10-dance, Victor Burchuladze/Vera Bondareva, won the second competition of the 22. German Open Championships. They won all standard dances and two of the latin section. The silver medalists Evgeny Kuzin/Valeria Agikian also
come from Russia. They won three dances of the latin section and became second in every other dance of the final. Jakub Lipowski/Kamila Duranska from Poland gained the bronze medal.

1. Victor Burchuladze/Vera Bondareva, Russia
2. Evgeny Kuzin/Valeria Agikian, Russia
3. Jakub Lipowski/Kamila Duranska, Poland
4. Valts Liepnieks/Daniela Diure, Latvia
5. Andrey Ahmetshin/Anastasiya Grigorenko, Byelorussia
6. David Manukian/Alina Fedotova, Russia

*** First victory goes to Lithuania ***

68 couples of the Juniors I danced from the early morning till the late evening to find out the winner of their competition. Although Russian couples dominated the semifinal and the final of the Juniors I
10-dance, one couple from Lithuania won the competition. Last year Sergejus Skripcenko/Goda Zajauskaite became fifth. This year they won
the tournament. The silver and bronze medal went to Russia: Dmitry Bayanov/Alina Dichka became second followed by their fellow countrymen
Sergey Rozhkov/Marina Zakharova.

1. Sergejus Skripcenko/Goda Zajauskaite, Lithuania
2. Dmitry Bayanov/Alina Dichka, Russia
3. Sergey Rozhkov/Marina Zakharova, Russia
4. Nikita Bortsov/Olga Voronina, Russia
5. Vladimir Tkachuk/Polina Mamykina, Russia
6. Mikhail Sarmatov/Victoria Polovova, Russia

*** Medals Table: status after the first day ***

The competitions of the first day are finished. In the ranking of nations, Russia leads with two gold medals. Italy is today's runner-up with one gold medal, but two silver medals ahead of Germany.

*** Image galleries online ***

The first image galleries of this year's German Open Championships competitions are online now. Images can be ordered as in the last years. Information regarding the ordering procedure can be found here:

*** Internet TV broadcast ***

Within the scope of a pilot project of the German Dancesport Association (DTV) and DanceSports-TV, a channel of Science-TV Ltd. Munich, the competitions of the German Open Championships will be broadcasted on internet tv.

Additionally, DVDs of the competitions will be sold on site. After the German Open, excerpts of the competitions can be watched
online at