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German Open Championships 2008 results

253 couples danced int the Rising Stars Standard competition. Seven couples qualified for the final after six rounds. Spectators and couples likewise gave their best.

The first marks in Slow Waltz were scattered among five couples. Bit by bit, Vasily Kirin/Ekaterina Prozorova of Russia emerged as winners.
With an overall sum of 14 to 15 points, Kaspars Banders/Vita Jaroscuka (Latvia) won the duel for the second place. Veiko Ratas/Helena Liiv of Estonia won the bronze medal.

1. Vasily Kirin/Ekaterina Prozorova, Russia
2. Kaspars Banders/Vita Jaroscuka, Latvia
3. Veiko Ratas/Helena Liiv, Estonia
4. Artem Terekhov/Olga Tarasova, Russia
5. Simone Carabellese/Lucia Cafagna, Italy
6. Evgeny Vinokurov/Christina Luft, Germany
7. Masayuki Ishihara/Ayami Kubo, Japan

*** Vescovo/Törökgyörgy winners of Professional Latin ***

Maurizio Vescovo/Melinda Törökgyörgy of Hungary, winners of the last year's amateur competition, are the German Open Champions 2008 in Professional Latin. They won by narrow margin with three first and two
second places, followed by the russians Dmitry Timokhin/Natalia Petrova who finished with the reciprocal result in the dances. The third place was similarily hard-fought: Markus Homm/Ksenia Kasper
(Germany) ranked on third place with one point in advance of their fellow countrymen Evgenij Voznyuk/Oksana Nikiforova.

1. Maurizio Vescovo, Maurizio/Melinda Törökgyörgy, Hungary
2. Dmitry Timokhin, Dmitry/Natalia Petrova, Russia
3. Markus Homm, Markus/Ksenia Kasper, Germany
4. Evgenij Voznyuk/Oksana Nikiforova, Germany
5. Alexander Ilinykh/Anna Afonenkova, Russia
6. Peter Majzeli/Maja Gersak, Slovenia

*** Juniors II Latin: 3rd GOC title for Burchuladze/Bondareva ***

Their victory in the Juniors II Latin competition was the final one to complete the 2008 hattrick: Viktor Burchuladze/Vera Bondareva were the best of 150 couples participating. They again defated their fellow
countrymen Evgeny Kuzin/Valeria Agikian, acting world champions Juniors II Latin, who won their third silver medal in this year's German Open Championships. Dmitry Bunin/Natalia Rusetskaya ranked in third place in a final consisting only of russian couples.

1. Victor Burchuladze/Vera Bondareva, Russia
2. Evgeny Kuzin/Valeria Agikian, Russia
3. Dmitry Bunin/Natalia Rusetskaya, Russia
4. Daniil Shcherbaniuk/Megi Bakradze, Russia
5. Valeriy Pavlov/Karolina Maevskaya, Russia
6. Aremt Efanin/Anastasi Kornilova, Russia

*** Lithuanian couple wins third medal in Juniors I

The result of the Juniors I Standard competition was determined not until late in the evening. The winners Sergejus Skripcenko/Goda Zajauskaite of Lithuania showed their ambition for the title from the
first round. They already won a gold medal in Juniors I 8 Dances and a bronze medal in Juniors I Latin. Dmitry Bayanov/Alina Dichka (Russia) were awarded the silver medal, followed by Vlad Pislariu/Eszter Pop

1. Sergejus Skripcenko/Goda Zajauskaite, Lithuania
2. Dmitry Bayanov/Alina Dichka, Russia
3. Vlad Pislariu/Eszter Pop, Romania
4. Sergey Rozhkov/Marina Zakharova, Russia
5. Nikita Bortsov/Olga Voronina, Russia
6. Vladimir Tkachuk/Polina Mamykina, Russia

*** World Champions come from Germany ***

The German Open Championships in Stuttgart wer the venue of the World Championships Boogie Woogie. The German couples were very successful. All of them - six in number - qualified for the final. Karl Heinz
Stahl/Sylvia Gauß became world champions. The runner-up world champions Andreas Mahel/Kerstin Mahel also come from Germany as well as Thomas Klein/Heidi Meyer on rank three. The qualified couple from Switzerland became seventh.

1. Karl Heinz Stahl/Sylvia Gauß, Germany
2. Andreas Mahel/Kerstin Mahel, Germany
3. Thomas Klein/Heidi Meyer, Germany
4. Jörg Burgemeister/Gisela Hauserman, Germany
5. Gluding, Achim/Versteegen, Cornelia, Germany
6. Michael Gleixner/Petra Gleixner, Germany
7. Roland Hasenfratz/Susanne Hasenfratz, Switzerland

*** Italy dominates Senior II A ***

The final of the tournament Senior II A Standard consisted of seven Italian couples. The other nations did not stand a chance. Merely one couple from Germany and one from Spain achieved the semifinal.

Matteo De Gregorio/Dina Aufiero ruled the final and so won the gold medal. Giuseppe Colaiacomo/Marina Ricca were the silver medalists followed by Nervano Tondini/Laura Galasso.

1. Matteo De Gregorio/Dina Aufiero, Italy
2. Giuseppe Colaiacomo/Marina Ricca, Italy
3. Nervano Tondini/Laura Galasso, Italy
4. Sergio Gritti/Francesca Filippini, Italy
5. Mauro Rocca/Marzia Pelosi, Italy
6. Franco Bernini/Maria Rosa Locatelli, Italy
7. Dario Vignando/Sandra Bomben, Italy