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The process begins in Los Angeles with rehearsal six days a week for three to seven weeks at the STILETTO facility near LAX. This time will also include shoe fittings, vocal coaching and, if your cast is putting up a new show, costume fittings. Out of town cast members live in our cast apartments about five minutes away from our rehearsal studio. The apartments have a pool, gym and sauna and provide a place for the cast to get to know each other before they go out to sea.

A cast consists of either 10 people, four men and six women, or 14 people on our large ships which have six men and eight women. Each ship has a lead couple who are fantastic singers, a second singing couple who are great dancers and the rest of the cast are fabulous dancers who sing along with the track. Because of the way the shows are designed, the men often partner the female dancers, so all cast members, with the exception of the lead couple, have to be good dancers to fulfill the demands of the shows