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Experienced singers and dancers WANTED for our cruise ship shows

How to Submit A Video Audition
STILETTO Entertainment casts experienced singers and dancers for our cruise ship shows.

• Please tell us your name and the city and state you where live in at the beginning of your video and tell us something about yourself and why you want to dance on a cruise ship so we can hear your speaking voice and learn something about your personality.
• Please record the following in studio:
Kicks (front and side)
Pirouettes (double or triple on both sides)
Fouette turns (women) / Turns in second (Men)
Leaps (Men please show switch or scissors, switch seconds)
• Please prepare and record the following short combinations in studio:
Lyrical combination
Jazz combination
Hip Hop combination
Tap combination (triple time step or combo)
• Women also show pointe work, if you are comfortable en pointe
• Men also show tumbling/acro if you are trained, as well as partnering skills (overhead lifts)
• Please include video footage of previous show work that may help us determine your level of experience and personality.
• Also, please include an 8 X10 head shot or other photo and a resume including your performance experience as well as the forms on the download page.