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Please update your records

In this electronic age it is normal business to change email addresses as better deals and improved services come along

The creates a problem from a club administration point of view. Over time more and more people change their email addresses, move house and do modifications to their cars. This means that from a club administration perspective things get out of date and the club looses contact with people.

This was discussed recently by the committee and Mike Peel has kindly put a form on the front page of the web site to enable members to update their details. Could I respectfully urge everyone to take a few moments and update their details and pass them onto Bob Morrison or myself so we can update the records held by the club.

We are a relatively small club and want to make/keep the club inclusive, email is a normal method of communication these days and it is an easy method to send activity information out from time to time. Any information held is for club usage only and WILL NOT be passed onto any third parties. This information is purely to aid club administration and keep members in touch with NG related activities. You WILL NOT be receiving a flood of emails from Nigeria offering huge amounts for your car as a result of updating your records.


Paul Bennett

Re: Please update your records - by Paul Bennett - Jan 10, 2013 8:54pm
Re: Please update your records - by Paul Bennett - Aug 5, 2013 6:57pm
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