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Re: Build Manual

Hi Bob,

That would explain it then.....Welcome to the club.

If you are looking for a build manual I am guessing you are just starting a build or are you doing a renovation/rebuild?? I am building TF V8 at the moment so would be happy to help if I can or point you in the direction of someone who knows.

Which part of the country are you? Might be able to put you in touch with other members in your area....


Paul B

Re: Build Manual

Hi Paul I own two NG TF's one is on the road just passed it mot and is an ongoing restoration it has marina front suspension with mg engine gearbox and back axle running on wire wheels hopefully by the end of this year i will have repainted it and fitted new windscreen, hood and side screens
My second NG TF V8 ,I bought from John Hoyle just before he sold the business .The kit was very comprehensive £8600 at the time ,but i have only got this to a rolling chassis stage due the work commitment from the job i was in ,During this period i have had to move house three times and in consequence all the parts have got separated or mixed together and the reason i want the full build manual is basically to start again from scratch . i have taken early retirement and moved to Angelesy North Wales were my wife and i now live on my daughters farm with a large clean barn for me to work in.Thats basically were i am so hopefully a member will come up with a full build manual
Thanks again for responding to my request Regards BOB LAMB

Re: Build Manual

Hi there I have a John Hoyle build manual for N.G tf.
no longer required as I sold my cars.
It is all laminated in hard back cover,so is perfect for oily fingers.
has full v8 supplement ,but is quite heavy for postage.
I live in Lancashire near Bolton.if you are interested give me a call on 07927 914 836
cheers Nick.

Re: Build Manual

Hi Bob, welcome to the Club.
As Editors of the Club Magazine ChangiNGear we would be interested to have some 'input' from you about yourself, your refurb and build progress.
Also as a Club member we can let you have a .pdf of John Hoyle's NG-TF/TD/TC(V8) build manual - but of course this will only be to SVA level, rather than current IVA.
For some reason we cannot email you via the forum, but if you email to us then we will send you the .pdf if you want it.
Regards and good luck with everything NG
Chris and Su

Re: Build Manual

Hi.Chris and Sue
Many thanks for welcoming me to the club.I have two NG TF:s one on the road and a complete v8 Tf kit and as explained in an earlier text it never got past an incomplete rolling chassis.and due to house moves all the parts are still there but well mixed up Hence wanting to start from scratch again.
I have been given a complete John Hoyle build manual from Nick Earnshaw and have sent a forum letter thanking him for his generosity but.I wouldnt mind having a pdf copy on my computer if that is OK with you. Email
My plans at the present are to modify the brakes on the road car to duel circuit using a Renault 5 master cylinder then a repaint with possibly a later type screen and new soft top,the rest of the car is still quite presentable.
During this same period i will be starting to assemble the V8 I have already sorted the engine out it is a 4.6 with stage 2 reel steel heads, high compression pistons, stump puller cam, lower riser inlet manifold and Weber 500 carb , finished of with a set of ng stainless steel headers.I have also bought a second hand R380 g/box and i will be buying an overhaul kit to give it a full refurbishment.
I have already sorted out a few questions regarding the rebuild and when i think i have them all covered i will post them on the forum and hopefully get all the answers for me to move the project forward.
My career path was apprentice engineer in Cadburys 3 years on oil rigs 10 years my own body shop then the last 20 years chief engineer Cadburys (very hands on)and once taken over by the Americans took opportunity for early retirement. TIME TO COMPLETE MY TF V8 '
I will be in contact over the next few months Regards BOB LAMB

Re: Build Manual

Sounds like you are going to be busy. Good luck

Re: Build Manual

Thanks Dave will keep you informed as I progress Regards Bob