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wing mirrors

Where can I buy an offside wing mirror

Re: wing mirrors

Hi Gerard, that's a very open question. There are many type and styles of mirror available. You could have a look at your local motor factors or somewhere like car builder solutions and Europa. There are links to other suppliers on the web site....(under links)



Re: wing mirrors

Thanks Paul I will give that a try.

Re: wing mirrors


S-V-C are a other good quality supplier for things like lights and mirrors. I got a Desmo copy wing mirror from them recently.


Re: wing mirrors

I have bought a Lucas type one recently from EBay to match my offside one. The problem is positioning it so that you can still see it, doesn't get obscured by the side screens and for it to actually reflect the bit of road you need to see! I think I will end up with a compromise, as it will be in a position where I won't effectively be able to use it when the hood is up (usually not often anyway)

Re: wing mirrors

Hi Dave - not sure what type/style you have or where you intending fixing.
And perhaps not truly a 'wing' mirror ?
Rocket has mirrors fixed to the triangular section of the windscreen mountings.
These remain visible with sidescreens, though the plastic of the screens does impair clarity especially when wet.
Will email you a pic

Re: wing mirrors

Thank you for your reply. That is the type I want
Regards Gerard