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Re: Using my NG TA

Thanks for the invitation Paul, but I don't think I'll be able to make it this year. That old cliche I used to hear from retired people saying they don't know how they found time to work is true!

I checked the oil in the gearbox and back axle today and found they both needed topping up. I put a bit of PTFE tape on the back axle filler plug to reduce leaks, and will do so on the drain plug when I change the oil as it always seems to leak unless someone knows of a reason why not.

My gearbox has a dipstick/filler reached from a hole cut in the transmission tunnel, so I used a tip seen on another car forum and used an adapted pressure spray bottle with a length of clear tube on the end of the adapted nozzle. This made it easy to top up the gearbox oil, and is handy as it has graduations to indicate how much oil has been put in. When you release the trigger and stop the oil flow, the oil stays in the tube and so allows a clean fill. The gearbox certainly is smoother when selecting gear now.



Re: Using my NG TA

Hi John, It was a shame you couldn't make it this year. However there is always next year so get it in the diary. You would be most welcome, see how Audrey and Richard got on in their post on the forum. It really is a good weekend and I would respectfully urge you to attend.


Paul B