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Rally 2016

Just want to say how very much we enjoyed our first ever rally with the NG Owner's Club. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Not having our NG with us was no hindrance as everyone was happy to share advice. We now know the best way to put up the hood thanks to some helpful members, as well as other things that are still quite a mystery to us as new NG owners (less than one year).

The broad range of people was a delight, also the quiz, driving skills show, food, ample supply of cakes, barbecue, etc. Seeing all the beautiful NG's in their finery, buffed and polished to perfection, was marvellous. At the end of the Sunday we were already looking forward to the next rally.

All good wishes and happy motoring!

Audrey & Richard
(of Hereford)

Re: Rally 2016

Audrey & Richard, It was a very good rally. The weather could have been kinder but there is no control over that.

Glad that you enjoyed the rally. As you have found out, the club is very inclusive and welcoming to new members. It doesn't matter what stage your car is at. Please spread the word as we would like even more cars and members there next year.

If you could put together a short report for the magazine I am sure that Chris and Su would welcome any words you could put together.

If you could send me a photo of your car that would be great as I am building up a picture database of built cars.


Paul B