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Can any Henley owners in the Club(or any member) enlighten me as to when their Henley cars were built and by which company or kit purchased and from which firm? Why I ask I have a Ford Sierra based Henley built in 1990 and first MOT January 2nd 1991. Various MOTs, up to 1998, refer to make as "Not Known","Pastiche", "Henley" or "Challenger"(non as a Sierra) even though up to 1998 it must have been registered still as a Sierra and it must have been what various owners thought they had got. Car not inspected by DVLA until 1998 and then given its unique Vin/Chassis Number and registered as "Challenger Henley" It is known that the TripleC(Challenger Car Ltd) company went out of business around 1991.

My current renewed interest is because I visited the TripleC car Club stand last week at the NEC Classic Car event and spoke their Chairman(they are the Club for the TripleC E Types). I told him I had a Challenger Henley and he said that the company had only made one(around 1990) before it wound up, and a Henley and a completed TripleC E Type were carted away to be sold and they had tried but had never been able to trace the Henley.

Have I got it? I have no real paperwork to support the claim as it was not properly registered until 1998 and the car firm that went through the process with DVLA(Manchester Office), Aero Motors, is no longer around. Has someone else got a Henley supposed to have been made by Challenger?? In correspondence I have, a firm called Kit Cars International of Disley(near Stockport) refer to it as a Challenger Henley prior to it being registered as such, but again they are no longer around. Many Thanks to anyone who can help.