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Re: Clutch Hose part number

Hi Rob

The MGB part no for the standard clutch slave cylinder hose is GVP1001 and the SS braided one is TT3041. They are quite short as you can see in the 4th picture at
Note the orientation of the bleed nipple is not in the end of the cylinder, the hose attaches there. Sometimes the cylinders are supplied with the nipple in the wrong hole and this leads some people to install them with the hose going in from the side hole (slightly underneath) which would make it on the short side I guess.
Hope that helps.

Re: Clutch Hose part number

I replaced mine a couple of years ago, it was the standard MGB hose and fitted ok. As Chris says there is a problem with some slave cylinders. See John twist's video

Re: Clutch Hose part number

Hi Rob, yes the standard hose is short and the welded on bracket could be placed to a more suitable position but thats where it is. (mine was a 1984 kit)
I rearranged the bracket by 'bending' it upwards so the exit of the hose is 'nearer' and less of a bend.
Bleeding wise I took the cylinder off let it hang and compress it, it does help the process.
Recently I had a similar problem with bleeding a disc brake on my scooter, the cure for that was by getting a large ish syringe and piece of tubing and pulling the fluid thro' (as suggested by the guy in the scooter shop) but that didn't work satisfactory so, after filling up the syringe I push the fluid back up and that worked!
My Son has this professional reservoir and connects it to the compressor; that sucks the fluid thro' that didn't work!!
I've not recently changed the clutch slave cylinder; but next time I will look for my syringe and give it a try.