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TC V8 Overheating

Bought my TC V8 back in September 2014. Found that the engine was very tired so had it rebuilt. Also new battery and coil helped. However, once rebuilt, the water temp registers 160/170 when bowling along, with Kenlowe fan on, but as soon it stops at lights, the temp shoots up towards 200 and the engine starts to sound 'knocky'!
Have tried wetter water and keeping fan on always but still it overheats. Mechanic recommends new water pump but I'm not convinced that will solve the problem. Others have suggested an alloy radiator - at some expense!
Any ideas out there from those who have had the same problem?

Re: TC V8 Overheating

Ahoy !
Saw your request and having a V8 TC 'basket case' I was faced with a lack of radiator. Quote for a one off was £400 so did some research and found this on EBay 152805278858
Have ordered one, it is on way. The original vehicle was a Honda and covered powered output up to 150hp and being alloy it might do the job? Chinese but am sure they know a thing or two !
My cowl however has been fitted a little higher than standard and the new rad has 40mm clearance as is. You may have to lean it a bit to get in. They have a range so may have one smaller. They give core sizes and overall but this includes spigots in thickness.Good luck !
Am after throttle cross connecting linkage and levers ?