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changing a bulb


Very basic task but we have just inherited an NGTF from my wife's father, who unfortunately died several years ago, so we can't ask him the question. We can't work out how to get the bulb cover off the rear tail/stop light, the cover doesn't screw off and been a bit scared of using too much force, can anyone assist? it is the small dome type cover mounted on the rear wing/wheel arch


Earge Garner

Re: changing a bulb

It's probably the Land Rover type, in which case you just need to ease off the rubber perimeter rim with a flat screwdriver, the rim grabs a flange on the plastic dome. Bulb /holder will then be exposed. Reverse procedure for putting back, however the rubber does perish and/or harden over time making it tricky, bit of washing up liquid can help, but not too much or it's like handling wet fish. Replacement whole units are only about £6 from Fleabay