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Re: TC Build Manual

Hi !
Interested in obtaining a Build Manual as recommended by your helpful and energetic President.
Have not the slightest idea what an Avatar URL is but hope I do not catch it, nor does my wife who is an ex IT techy !
I have sent off my cheque for membership which I am sure is with your Membership Sec. but am receiving no replies to technical queries which are delaying a rebuild to what, I am sure you all think is an historic classic, but which appears to me to be a very large engine closely followed by a very small, thin cockpit with no side impact protection whatsoever ! However, the aforesaid wife likes it, she is 'arty party', so we are on a roll !
Can someone ' smack the pony' and make things happen, the Midge Owners Club took my money by PayPal the same day and my smart plastic membership card came by post two days later and all technical queries were answered from day one!
Have waded through the IVA manual and have a few queries:-
Assume the NG wire grille is a no no, can it be recessed ?
Are the fibreglass cycle wings acceptable with present thickness ?
Why do the wings nearly touch the ground at the front ?
Have found the forward 'tub' securing bolts but am mystified by the attachment of the rear valence which I assume gives access to the rear ones ?
John mentioned a seat belt system whereby the retractors are mounted on a frame behind the seat back, amidships, between the occupants to obtain the required 45cm shoulder height. Are there any plans ?
Jim NG TC V8