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VIN number NG

Good afternoon,

Some time ago I purchased a NG TD 2+2 1800cc and started its restauration.

I purchased the car in the Netherlands at an official car dealer, but the car has been imported in Belgium from Texas U.S.A.
At the purchase I received the American registration certificate.

Then the Dutch Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency checked the car and documents in order to start the restoration.
The Dutch Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency informed me that the main part (body work and chassis) could not be identified, because the chassis number applied by the manufacturer onto the car has been removed.
Consequently the VIN could not be determined.
On the car has been applied the VIN number of a MGB car; this number is also written on the American registration certificate.

So, although the car is original (body work and chassis are 100% original, the Dutch Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will not be able to register the car in the Netherlands and to issue Dutch registration plates.

I am writing this e-mail, because I hope someone can help me and give me answer to the following questions:
-Is there a possibility to trace the original VIN number of my car?
-If not, can I purchase a chassis (or at least the parts which the VIN is applied to and / or registration certificate with an NG VIN number?
-Where exactly should the VIN of this original NG car be displayed (on the brackets)?

I look forward to receiving your feedback.

Kind regards,