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Ng Tf Queries

I have recently purchased an Ng Tf and applied to join the club and have a couple of queries,I have tubed 15" wire wheels but no idea of correct pressures. also I can just reach the gearbox/overdrive dipstick and can rotate it but it does not seem to want to come out, any info appreciated please.
Thanks Gordon.

Re: Ng Tf Queries

Hi Gordon, i run 185/65 15 wire wheels and run 20 rears 22/24 fronts, any higher its very skitish on the front, mine is a little heavier on the front being a six cylinder motor.

Re: Ng Tf Queries

Skittish? under or oversteer?

Re: Ng Tf Queries

Dip stick: when you do extract it! tie a 5mm dia rope thro' the eye; long enough to leave under the carpet for next time - haven't checked mine for 10 years :(


I meant to say I have 75mm+ Dia hole in the top of the tunnel - slightly towards the gear level ie get my hand in.

Re: Ng Tf Queries

Thanks for replies to my queries, the dipstick came out ok with a stronger tug and level was perfect, I ended up using apiece of 1/4" square wood with the levels marked on it and a piece of wire through it at gbox top to prevent it dropping in as the oil was too clean to show easily on metal,just waiting now for membership conformation and MOT next week.

Re: Ng Tf Queries

It sounds obvious but (except for myself when I first filled the box 30 years ago), don't use EP90, should be 20/50 otherwise the o/d solenoid will stick and you won't have any gears! it happen when just getting on a channel ferry!

Rgs Mick