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MARC1 Version 170 upload

By the end of March 2012 Version 170 of MARC1 will be uploaded. Please, erase earlier versions. We have made some minor corrections, added a module on center-of-gravity height calculations (Equ. 37-3 of 6th edition) and smoothed a few things out. We hope that MARC1 will continue to be a valuable reconstruction tool for you. The reworked 7th edition of Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Cause Analysis with significant additions including an application chapter will come out in 2112. Besides being a text on accident reconstruction for over 30 years, it helps the novice expert and lawyer to better formulate cases as well as serve as a instructional guide for MARC1. The review questions at the end of the chapters were expanded. As asked for by readers, complete answers to the review questions will be published in the next few supplements.

As allways, if you have any questions, please contact me at 801-201-2532.

Rudy Limpert and the MARC1 team.

Re: MARC1 Version 170 upload

I have seen version version 1.1.157

Where can I download the last version.

Can you put the link ?

Best Regards

Re: MARC1 Version 170 upload

Version 170 is ready for upload. We had some problems with e-mailing MARC1-170 to the uploader. File is probably too large. I decided to physically mail a disc to the uploader. I expect it to be on the inter net by Monday pm (April 9).

Thanks for haning in there.


Re: MARC1 Version 170 upload

I'll wait for your instructions.

Best Regards from Tenerife , Canary Islands.