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7th Edition of Limperts Accident Reconstruction Book

Finally LEXISNEXIS, the publisher of my book will issue a totally reworked and corrected 7th edition by the end of 2012. The book will be published as a three-ring binder to become your personal living work book. Let's hope no hangups are showing up. In connection with the new edition, we are making some important changes/additions to MARC1. Furthermore, a number of Short Papers will be published in the next several months, with the first one titled "Tire-Road Friction Coeffient, Drag Factor and Deceleration" uploaded in approximately three weeks. For example, the prevailing wisdom to adjust the drag factor on a slope by adding (or subtracting) the grade in percent (e.g., 5% = 0.05) from the level road drag factor is not supported by any physics. Surprised? For larger slope angles the mistake becomes greater. Don't get caught by this when testifying!

If you are a MARC1 user, contact me about attending our April class in Florida.

Take care, and have a nice Thanksgiving and/or Merry Christmas, depending on when you read this post.

Rudy Limpert

Re: 7th Edition of Limperts Accident Reconstruction Book

I have the 4th Edition from when I took the SAE course in 1999. Is there a way for me to get the latest edition? Thanks.

Bart Kemper