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The aim of my work

Dear professor Rudolf Limpert

Goode morning, tank for your email, in first the part of my current work I need to make comparison between several theoretical approach and finite element formulation to evaluate Thermal and mechanical behavior of the brake disc .when I have programmed your formula I haven´t find acceptable results why? I have your last book brake design and safety (third edition) and I have seen example 3-3 page 78-79 the result is not correct? please Sir could you give more information how to use your theoretical formulation to resolve my problem .For the second part is destined to evaluate friction coefficient and the wear rate on the tribometer using pin with pad material and a disc with brake material (cast iron ,steel and ceramic) under high temperature ,constant velocity and different loads. However can you give me any information how to calculate the heat flux generated by the pin in this case .the third part of my work is similar to the second part except that I use surface corroded to evaluate the contact surface of the disc . Finally I need your advice for my work and thank you very match.