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Welcome to the PC-Brake Accident Reconstruction practitioner forum.   Anyone can post a message.  Have a question about a case?  Want to share your ideas to help others?  Perhaps you have a comment?  The PC-Brake Accident Reconstruction practitioner forum is where accident reconstruction is discussed.

PC-Brake Accident Reconstruction Forum
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Final Short Paper is Uploaded

Our final short paper is available now. I am analyzing three low speed rear end crash tests: Mercedes v. New Beetle, ARC-CSI 2015 crash Mazda v. Land Rover, and IPTM 2015 Bus v. Ford car.
This paper concludes our low speed crash test data analysis series using MARC1 Software.

The 2016 Short Papers emphasis will be on offset and frontal side wipe collisions.

We hope you all have a wonderful time finishing out the year 2015.

I hope to see you at one of the 2016 crash conferences.

Got a question, call or e-mail me.

Rudy Limpert and staff