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Re: PC-BRAKE Hydraulic and PC-BRAKE Stability

I don't actually own it. I'm an engineering student here in Brazil (for the Universidade Estadual Paulista - UNESP), so I get it on the college library. Right now, I'm working on a brake system applied on a Baja SAE prototype. So far, I found some files on the internet that are pretty good, but I see this software as a complement and enrichment for my report. I would be greatly grateful if you could help me with this one.

Re: PC-BRAKE Hydraulic and PC-BRAKE Stability

Rudy Limpert
Here is some good news:

1. The 3rd. edition of my SAE book "Brake Design and Safety" is scheduled to be on sale by the end of Sept. 2011.
2. PC-BRAKE Hydraulic and PC-BRAKE Stability softwares
will be uploaded by Sept. 23, 2011. The 3rd ed. and all software programs including PC-BRAKE Air are developed to be used together. The book indirectly is a software manual.
3. Software MARC1 also has several braking-related modules that brake engineers may find helpful, particularly when investigating braking accident causation crashes (MARC1 Module V).

Please, if you have any questions about the programs, let me know. As with all PC-BRAKE Software, fully-functioning programs can be down-loaded free of charge from


I can not download the PC-Brake stability software. How can I download it?

Re: PC-BRAKE Hydraulic and PC-BRAKE Stability

Can you send me PC-BRAKE Stability?