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Welcome to the PC-Brake Accident Reconstruction practitioner forum.   Anyone can post a message.  Have a question about a case?  Want to share your ideas to help others?  Perhaps you have a comment?  The PC-Brake Accident Reconstruction practitioner forum is where accident reconstruction is discussed.

PC-Brake Accident Reconstruction Forum
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Low -to-medium impact speed inline collission analysis

I apologize for my website having been down for two or three weeks. For users of my book on reconstruction and MARC1 software, the 2018 supplement will contain an in-depth analysis and "reconstruction" of the 2017 ARC-CSI (#6) inline crash of the Ford Escape into the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota pushed into a Ford 500. How to use MARC1 to establish the proper coefficient of restitution, how to establish proper crush energy in override crashes and much more I will discuss. For example, the Ford rear bumper showed no apparent damage, yet had a "hidden" crush energy (foam crumpling, etc.) of about 5000 lbft after being impacted by the Corolla at approximately 21 mph.

If you have any questions on reconstruction, please call me at 801-201-2532.