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MARC1 Userguide

Would any of the accident reconstruction/law enforcement people out there be interested if I (Rudy Limpert) published a clear, brief MARC1 user guide? I always hoped that the papers, I published over the years on this website would do the job. But some times they are too complicated because of the type of crash being analyzed. Or do you folks think, expanding "About this Module" in each of the modules in the MARC1 software would be helpful. I sincerely thank all of you, who have made suggestions and/or asked questions in the past. Originally, MARC1 was LARM 2 (DOS operated). Then my book came out in early 1990, and I hoped MARC1 (Windows)could be a companion tool to the book. However, my law enforcement friends wanted LARM 2 and MARC1 to be simple. LARM stands for Linear And Rotational Momentum and is basically only the early Module 8 of MARC1. Now MARC1 has over 30 modules.

Please, let me know before I am signing off for good, one way or the other. But, hell I love this stuff and long skid marks and lawyers and opposing experts who kept me going, and as one good old trucking expert said about me: Rudy is a no-bull****- kind-of-expert.

I hope to hear or read from you. Take care from Park City, Utah,