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Welcome to the PC-Brake Accident Reconstruction practitioner forum.   Anyone can post a message.  Have a question about a case?  Want to share your ideas to help others?  Perhaps you have a comment?  The PC-Brake Accident Reconstruction practitioner forum is where accident reconstruction is discussed.

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Short Papers

PC-Brake. Inc. will e-publish a series of papers intended to help LARM 2 and MARC 1 users. Dr. Limpert and severel co-authors will start with the following subjects: inline clossions; intersection-type collisions; collisions where certain after-impact data are missing; calculation of delta-V at the center-of-gravity as well as at other location or seating positions; the effective use of the velocity-time diagram in depositions or court room testimony;

If any other subjects are of interest, please indicate
in your reply.
Thanks, RudyL.

Re: Short Papers

Dear Mrs. Limpert,
My interest would be overtaking accidents. Is it possble to have short papers on this matter.