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a girl, a horse and a little plantain

I have a great plantain story to share. I was out playing with my yearling colt when I noticed he had a quarter-sized bleeding owie on his side. "Ah-hah, a chance to try out an herbal fix", I thought almost too gleefully! I looked at the ground around me and there was Plantain. I picked some leaves and started to prepare it. As I was getting ready to place it on the horse, a young rider came up to me crying. She had fallen off her horse and was scratched up. I handed her some of my Plantain fix. She looked at me questioningly when I asked her to put it on her wounds. She did and I put some more on the horse, both stopped oozing blood quickly and were on the mend. The girl was so amazed that she stopped crying too!
Ya gotta love it.