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Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

Hi everyone,
I want to share a formula I came up with for people on chemo with the pins and needles or tingling feeling in the fingers and toes.
A relative of mine on chemo called in distress because of this feeling. She reported a 8-9 out of 10 on a discomfort level. On the way to her house I grabbed this formula that I had made for my dog with hip dysplasia. After arriving at my relative's I asked her to take 30 drops, which she did. 45 minutes later she reported being 95% better! She has tried this formula on 3 occasions all with success.
So, here is the mix for 30 mls:
10 mls Boneset,
10 mls Hawthorn,
5 mls Hops and
5 mls Lobelia.
I am interested in results that others have with this for peripheral neuropathy-please let me know how it worked! Oh, by the way, this formula is helping my dog too. He is off all prescription meds!

Re: Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

Thanks for the recipe. My neighbors dog could use it. How do you dose it in dogs? It is always great to hear of formulas that can support those experiencing chemo side effects. I plan on visiting the board at least once a week. Looking forward to your next post!

Re: Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

Hi Bridget,
You're welcome! I agree it's such fun making/finding formulas that help.
I was giving my 55# Border Collie 6-8 drops 2-3 x/day. His condition has improved so much that I now only give it to him PRN (as needed).
FYI: this formula tastes very strong. Might want to add some mint or stevia. I just put my dog's on a piece of bread with peanut butter. Additionally, I want to mention that there is a small amount of alcohol in the tinture. Some dog owners would be againgst this.
Good luck!