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Herbal Recipes - for Oral Care

Hi! All,

does anyone have any good recipes for oral care?

I have one recipe that says to use sage tea (plus sea salt) as a gargle.

I have recently started using that instead of Listerine! Will keep monitoring it until my next dental appointment to see how well it works.

Are there any other recipes that you have tried, tested and liked?


Re: Herbal Recipes - for Oral Care

I make plantain tea then use it as a mouthwash. I too am monitoring, as I'm trying to avoid a periodontist visit.
Good luck with this!

Re: Herbal Recipes - for Oral Care

cool. Let's compare results in another 2-3 months?

Re: Herbal Recipes - for Oral Care

A friend was having puffy gum issues. I picked up shredded oak bark at the clinic. He used it as a mouth rinse. The oak reduced the puffiness and firmed up the gums. No complaints from him! I have a tooth that should probably come out. When it acts up I put a drop of boneset on it and its good to go. Let me know what you come up with as oral rinses for various issues are good to know. I plan on visiting the message board at least once a week. Looking forward to your next post! Thanks and enjoy the winter wonderland!