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Natural Alternatives - Insect Repellants for yards / decks

Hi! All,

Neelam again.

I am contemplating the different options to keep my deck free of mosquitos.

What "natural" options would you recommend. I realize having lavender repellant etc. herbs planted would be a good idea. But my deck is on the 2nd floor. So I would literally have to plant these herbs all along the deck railing.

I seem to be leaning towards tiki torches - but am not sure how truly "natural" the citronella oil is - that can be purchased in usual stores.

Alternately if I were to make my own oil using essential oils - what would be the base / carrier oil?


Re: Natural Alternatives - Insect Repellants for yards / decks

Hi Neelam,
I'm with you, mosquitos can be quite annoying. The only "natural" remedy I've found is Winter, they don't seem to like the cold ;) I do use a spray on my horses that works somewhat: Chamomile tea, citronella, lavendar, tea tree, apple cider vinegar and water. I never tried it on anything else. Let us know if you find something that works!

Re: Natural Alternatives - Insect Repellants for yards / decks

I have read that a good mosquito repellent is a solution of:
1 tsp soybean oil
1/4 tsp Palmolive liquid soap (does this disqualify it from being natural?)
1 cup water

with the soybean oil being the active ingredient. The article said it can be sprayed in the yard but I do not remember how long it lasts, maybe 3 hours? I have not yet tried it as I just found out about it, but I have tried STING FREE from Gardens Alive which has soybean oil as the active ingredient and it has worked for me (the label says it lasts 3 hours).