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Mullein to Reduce Inflammation on a Horse's Hock

I wanted to share my experience using Mullein to reduce the inflammation on my rescued mare’s swollen hock (the joint between the gaskin and the cannon bone, in the rear leg). She is nine years old and arrived extremely thin with a very swollen left hock. It felt filled with some fluid as well as some hardened tissue (possibly scar tissue.) There was no heat in the joint, limping or signs of pain. I consulted my equine vet and he thought it could be related to some old trauma/injury and even a recent injury on top of that. He suggested that I could try some anti-inflammatory drugs; however, he also knows that I use herbal therapies and so he said he knew that I would probably want to try that first, which I did. I have Mullein growing wild in my pasture, so I crushed some of the fresh leaves and poured boiling water over them. After they soaked for a few minutes, I applied the poultice directly to her swollen hock. The poultice has antibacterial and cooling properties and after two applications, I could see that it helped reduce much of the inflammation.