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Herbal Walk

Just wanted to let those of you who were unable to make last Sunday's Herbal Walk that you missed out on a wonderful experience. This was my first walk with Matthew Alfs and I am a new student with the school. The park was beautiful and a lot bigger than it initially looked. Amazingly there were so many herbs to discover and learn about. I had no idea that so many of those "weeds" in my backyard were actually fantastic plants with wonderful medicinal characteristics. Matthew is an awesome and enthusiastic teacher. His love of plants, people and healing is contagious! He even discovered some unexpected herbs on our walk! I met some great people (fellow/sister herbal enthusiasts!) I highly recommend anyone joining up on the next walk... I certainly plan to be there!

Re: Herbal Walk

Hi Barb. I just started visiting the message board so the delayed response. Matt sure is enthusiastic about the plants. After the herb walks my other nature walks come alive as I notice all the plants surrounding us and their special talents and energy. Hope to see you at the next walk. Really looking forward to the Spring when everything wakes up. I'm going to try and visit the message board once a week. Look forward to you next post!